Administrative Officials

Program Chair and Dean of Colleges

Ms. Maria Paz A. Magsalin M.B.A., M.P.M.
Assistant Vice President, AU in Pasig
Dean, College of Business and Technology, Au in Pasig
Program Chair, School of Business Administration, Au in Pasig


Ms. Aurora A. Franco, Ed.D.
Dean , College of Arts & Sciences, AU in Pasig

Ms. Rosaline D. Dunuan, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Education, AU in Pasig

Ms. Elenita B. Mañalac, M.A.N.
Program Chair, School of Midwifery, AU in Pasig

Ms. Marlene R. Padua, RN, M.A.N.
Dean, School of Nursing, AU in Pasig

Ms. Katherine J. Guevarra, M.B.A.
Dean, Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management, AU in Pasig

Mr. Roberto U. Acepcion Jr., M.S.C.S.
Dean, Institute of Information Technology, AU in Pasig

Mr. Reynaldo B. Nicolas, Ph.D. ​
Dean, College of Criminal Justice, AU in Pasig

Principals of High School and Elementary Department

Ms. Meldred R. Reyes, M.A.E.
Principal, Elementary Department  AU in Pasig

Ms. Virginia M. Politico,DIP. in Mathematics
Principal, High School Department Au in Pasig