The Research and Publication Department (RPD)

     The  Research & Publications Department envisions  a self-sustaining research organization that serves the professional research needs of the University, the  faculty, students and the public.


    To create a globally responsive research environment that will upgrade teaching and learning standards through a relevant research agenda that provides research opportunities for faculty and students in support of their academic growth and development in the University



  1. To develop and strengthen research capability of  the University.
  2. To supervise and/or monitor research grants.
  3. To strengthen research culture and explore possibilities of external    funding through networking with local, national and international organizations.


Arellano University believes that research in higher education generally supports and enhances instruction, faculty performance and the community extension services thus, it aims to:

  • Expand search for new knowledge and disseminate information across disciplines in the University.
  • Motivate faculty members to seek externally funded researches from government, non-government, or international institutions in need of research or policy studies.
  • Improve instruction and learning methodologies.
  • Sustain the University’s relevance to the academic community.