Vietnamese Administrators and Faculty Visit INP Simulation Lab

Mon, 08/04/2014 - 00:00 -- princess

Ten administrators and faculty of Cuulong College of Technology (CCT) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam attended an orientation conducted by the International Programs Division at Arellano University Main Campus  last July 3, 2014.

The Vietnamese guests included CCT  Vice Rector Hanh Minh Nguyen (Miha), Minh Van Nguyen (Mike), Nhu Thi Huynh Nguyen (Alice),  Trung Thanh Nguyen, (Michael), Tran Thi Hoang Le (Maria),  Thuan Ngoc Nguyen (Clark), Anh Thoai Pham (Cindy), Yen My Le (My), Phat Thuan Juong (Alex),and,  An Van Kim (Kim).

The orientation focused on the use of the Nursing Simulation Laboratory under the Virtual Clinical Application Program (VCAP)  and  Basic Life Support. A demonstration on how to use the special patient mannequin at the International Nursing Program (INP) Simulation/Virtual laboratory was conducted by Dr. Aubrey Go. Lectures were given by Dr. Anna Katherina Peña  on Simulation induction and by Dr. Elaine Detera on the fundamentals of  Basic Life Support.

The activities helped the Vietnamese visitors explore the similarities and differences between health care education in the Philippines and Vietnam.

At the end of the orientation, each student was presented with a Certificate of Participation by INP Director Dr.  Emerita Mendoza.

The VCAP was developed in accordance with the clinical simulation standards used in the International Nursing Program of Arellano University. It is an innovative approach to the acquisition of knowledge and facilitation of learning, providing students with a safe and controlled environment with the use of a patient mannequin, allowing them to exhibit the required clinical skills and patient care with minimal risks and without compromising the health of a human patient. The mannequin, a donation by Alderson Broaddus University of Philippi, West Virginia, is capable of displaying realistic responses such as respiration, pulses, heart sounds, breath sounds, urinary output and papillary reaction. It also reacts to airway and oxygenation management, fluid administration, defibrillation and drug administration.

The VCAP accepts local students of nursing and relevant  allied medical courses  of  other schools.  

The International Nursing Program (INP) Simulation Laboratory. From left,     Cuulong College faculty members Trung Thanh Nguyen, Nhu Thi Huynh Nguyen, and 6th and 7th ,  An Van Kim and Phat Thuan Juongrung ; 3rd from left, INP faculty member Dr. Anna Katherina Pena, INP Director Emerita Mendoza  and faculty member Dr. Aubrey Go.


Basic Life Support Lecture. Dr. Elaine Detera explains the fundamentals of Basic Life Support.

The practicum.  CCT faculty member  Mr. An Van Kim demonstrates Basic life support procedures he learned.

Awarding of Certificate of Participation.   Dr. Emerita C. Mendoza, INP Director, 4th from left  and INP faculty members 2nd from right , Drs. Aubrey Go, Anna Katerina Pena  and Elaine Detera pose with the Vietnamese guests after the presentation of Certificates of Presentation. from left, Nhu Thi Huynh Nguyen (Alice), Hanh Minh Nguyen (Miha), Trung Thanh Nguyen, (Michael), Tran Thi Hoang Le (Maria), Minh Van Nguyen (Mike), Thuan Ngoc Nguyen (Clark), Anh Thoai Pham (Cindy), Yen My Le (My), Phat Thuan Juong (Alex),and at extreme right,  An Van Kim (Kim).