Third batch of INP students start their Final Year in Edit Cowan University

Tue, 04/03/2012 - 17:56 -- hohoy2000

Early this February, three students from the Arellano University-International Nursing Program (AU-INP) travelled to Perth City, Western Australia to complete their final year as AU-INP students. They are the third batch of students from the AU-INP to successfully transfer to Edith Cowan University (ECU). The three students are Ma. Gertrude A.  Javier, Joevinir Marie S. Peñaojas and Elieza Anne Varona.  All three students underwent the rigorous academic training here in AU Manila using an internationally accepted curriculum and successfully passed the stringent requirements of the three years in the INP under the tutelage of internationally trained Filipino INP Professors headed by their Officer-in-charge, Dr. Emerita Mendoza. They are expected to graduate in ECU and become registered nurses in Australia by January 2013.

     Upon their arrival in ECU, the students were assisted by Prof. Tania Beament, ECU's International Nursing Coordinator, as they went through the one week orientation and acculturation program of ECU The three students also benefitted from the assistance and support given by the second batch of AU-INP students who are completing their final semester in ECU.

      The International Nursing Partnership between AU and ECU was established in 2009 when ECU articulated the first three years of the INP curriculum to provide advance standing to INP students of AU so they can transfer to ECU directly and earn an Australian Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree after one year. The first batch of AU-INP students to participate in the program graduated in ECU in January of this year.

       Applications for the program are now being accepted. For any inquiry you may call 734-73-71 loc. 225 or 736-9450. You may also email us at or at


Elieza Varona, Gertrude Javier and Joevinir Peñaojas pose with beaming smiles beside the Joondalup Campus marker of ECU. The three comprise the third batch of AU-INP students who transferred to ECU to complete their final nursing year.

The three students basking under the welcoming Western Australian sun in front of the façade of one of ECU's uniquely designed buildings.