Third Batch of INP students pursue BSN Degree at Alderson-Broaddus Colleege in USA

Mon, 10/10/2011 - 13:48 -- hohoy2000

Six International Nursing Program (INP) students are now attending fall classes at the Alderson- Broaddus (A-B) College in West Virginia in the United States to earn their BSN degree and American diploma, after completing the first three years of their studies at the Legarda Campus of Arellano University.

      The six students are Diana Hyacinth Cruz, Krizzha N. Recinto, Ijzan D. Ishiwata, Orestes L. Estrella, Carla Marie V. Javier, and Roccello Mari V. Fajardo.  The first three are Filipino-Americans while the last three are pure Filipinos.

      From June 3 to July 16, 2011 the group attended transition classes, as part of A-B's acculturation program for INP students. These transition classes aim to aid the students in adjusting and adapting into the culture in West Virginia, particularly in Philippi City, where A-B is located; provide them first- hand exposure to the nursing practices in the US through A-B's affiliate hospitals and prepare them for their studies in their new school.

      Ijzan Ishiwata, the student officer of this batch has this to say about their first few weeks in the college: "The transition classes gave us some ideas on what to expect when classes begin.  The professors are kind and helpful, giving me a warm and comfortable feeling although I am thousand miles away from home. "

      They also had their first encounter with nursing equipment and systems in the Broaddus Hospital in Philippi City and Sharpe Hospital in Westin,   that are very much different from what is usually found in Filipino hospitals. They were introduced to equipment like the Geri chair, Hoyer lift, pill crusher and other equipment that make things a lot easier for nurses. More importantly, they had their first exposure to the actual practice of nursing in the hospitals and to the patients themselves.

      As of the moment, the INP students are attending their fall classes together with other nursing students of the college.  They are expected to complete their studies and successfully meet the requirements of A-B's nursing program in time for graduation in May, 2012.

      The International Nursing Partnership of Arellano University with Alderson-Broaddus College is a 4-year nursing program that allows the students to take the first three years of their course at Arellano University, Legarda Campus, which uses the American nursing curriculum of A-B. For their final year, the students transfer to the A-B campus in Philippi, West Virginia, USA to earn their American BSN degree. – By Angelo Herrera

Enjoying the West Virginia Air. The six INP students from AU pose with Dr. Joan Propst (third from extreme left), A-B's Provost/Executive Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Prof. Lesa Jordan, INP Director (extreme right)at the historic  A-B landmark.

Ready for Class. Looking good in their A-B clinical uniform are, from left , Ijzan Ishiwata, Krizzha Recinto, Diana Hyacinth Cruz, Carla Javier, Rocello Fajardo and Orestes Estrella (right photo, extreme right.)