Six INP students of Arellano University graduate in Edith Cowan University, Australia

Mon, 03/18/2013 - 09:01 -- hohoy2000

            The second batch of International Nursing  Program (INP)  students of Arellano University received their BSN diploma from the Edith Cowan University (ECU)  in its commencement ceremonies held  at the Perth Convention and Exhibit Center in Perth City, Western Australia last January 20, 2013.

            The six INP students  studied for three years at Arellano University and then transferred to ECU  to finish their course, under the articulation agreement between the two universities. The graduates are Justine Keith Abuel, Rod Michael Corpuz, Ma. Gertrude Javier, Jose Manuel Obmerga, Joevinir Marie Peñaojas and Elieza Anne Varona. They  graduated together with the ECU Nursing students who went through the Clinical Community Placement Program  in November , 2012 in AU's partner communities and hospitals. (see related article posted  March 14, 2013 ).

            While studying, the six had part-time jobs since they are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week,  a privilege granted to holders of  Australian student visa.  Most of them  worked   in hospitals or carehomes, allowing them  to experience the healthcare system in Australia and supplement the knowledge they gained from the Nursing program of ECU. One of our students is now working as a registered nurse in Narrogin, Western Australia, while the rest decided to do further studies mostly in the masteral level.

Earning a BSN degree in Australia  grants a registered nurse status to  the graduate, without the need to pass a board exam.  

The partnership between AU and ECU started in 2009 when ECU articulated AU's International Nursing Program wherein ECU  recognizes and credits the subjects taken by AU's INP students on their first three years, then  allows them to transfer to ECU for their final year.

In  2011, ECU and AU entered into another form of partnership  when they agreed for AU to receive ECU's students for their Clinical Community Placement Program, a two-week immersion program in Filipino communities and hospitals.  In the same year,  AU and ECU  further expanded their collaboration and forged partnerships in the fields of Business Administration (BA)  and Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM). Now, AU students who finish two years of either BA or HTM  courses can transfer to ECU for their final two years and then earn ECU's degrees in Business, Hospitality  and Tourism. - Angelo Herrera