Nursing Students, Faculty from Alderson Broaddus College (WV, USA) arrive for 10-day visit

Tue, 06/09/2009 - 13:38 -- hohoy2000

Four faculty members and 8 nursing students of the Alderson-Broaddus College    (AB College)   arrived on June 1, 2009 for a ten-day visit in Manila...  AB College, situated in West Virginia, USA is the partner of Arellano University in its International Nursing Program (INP).

    The visit is  in fulfillment of  a  1-unit  component  ( field work) of an elective 3-unit course, Filipino Health and Culture, included in the curriculum  of  nursing students of  AB College.  The students will observe the health care programs and practices in the Philippines and the country’s nursing education, considering that many nurses in the United States come from the Philippines.

    They observed the Feeding of Malnourished Children and Care for the Elderly programs of Arellano University  College of Nursing in Sibul, San Miguel, Bulacan, the adopted community of Arellano University under its. Community Development Program. They also visited Medical City.

   They will meet with the first, second and third batches of INP students to give the latter an orientation on their experiences as students of AB College, and an overview of what their life will be in West Virginia, USA.  For the first batch of INP students who are slated to attend their fourth year subjects in AB College in September, 2009, the visit of students is seen as a meeting of friends since they have been in constant communication with each other for sometime now.

   To expose them to Philippine culture, Arellano University will give them a tour of places   involving   Philippine-American relations.  The places to be visited include the US Embassy, Malacanang Museum, American cemetery, University of Sto. Tomas, Fort Santiago and Intramuros.  A trip to Corregidor and swimming in a Batangas resort have also been scheduled.   

   The visitors include Dr. Joan Propst, who will soon assume the position Interim Provost, at the same time Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Allen Withers, Dean of Students; Dr. Ken Shannon, Professor of Physician Assistant course, and Ms. Lesa Jordan, Professor of  Nursing.

   The students are Edna Croston, Carla Hammer, Kasie Delatuder, Sarah Pennington, Katy Thompson, Deidre Shannon, Candice Powers and Kyle Jordan.

   This is the second batch of AB College nursing students to visit the Philippines.