First batch of AU INP Students Graduate in Australia

Wed, 02/15/2012 - 17:42 -- hohoy2000

Congratulations, Graduates! Bea Hipolito and Belinda Grace Dait  display their ECU Nursing diplomas after the recently concluded graduation rites. Hipolito and Dait are the first batch of AU-INP students to transfer for their final year in ECU and earn their Nursing degree and registration.

Belinda Grace Dait and Ana Beatriz Hipolito, the first batch of Arellano University International Nursing Program (INP) students in the Edith Cowan University at Perth, Australia, received their diploma and Registered Nurse Certificate during their graduation ceremony held January 21, 2012 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

      Dr. Emerita Mendoza, Officer-in-Charge of the AU-INP, and INP Professor Ruben Ramos attended the ceremony.  They also participated in a seminar on simulation induction offered by ECU.

      The two AU faculty also met with the three other INP students currently enrolled at the ECU: Justine Keith Abuel, Rod Michael Corpuz and Jose Manuel Obmerga. The students gave colorful accounts of their lives in the country, notably their studies, which they find to be manageable given their 3-year educational background at Arellano University, and their work experiences. International students in ECU are allowed to work for 20 hours a week during the academic semester but during semestral break the students can work for unlimited number of hours. The jobs they take are mostly health-service related.

       The AU-ECU partnership involves an articulation agreement between the two universities wherein a nursing student may study for three years at AU and one year at ECU, with a BSN degree from ECU. There are other pathways available to AU students who wish to transfer to ECU.

With Australian friends. Hipolito and Dait (2nd and 3rd from left) pose for this photo taken a few minutes before the start of the graduation ceremonies. Joining them are other ECU nursing students who were here in the Philippines last October as they took part in ECU's International Community Placement Program done in AU's partner rural communities for nursing.

With AU and ECU professors. Dr. Emerita Mendoza, Officer-in-Charge of the AU-INP, and INP Professor Ruben Ramos  join  Prof. Jacqui Sawle and Prof. Tania Beament of ECU's School of Nursing in this pre-graduation picture with Hipolito and Dait. Standing behind Dr. Mendoza is Rod Michael Corpuz, a member of the 2nd batch of INP students taking their final year in ECU.