Edith Cowan University Sends 4th Batch of Nursing Students for Clinical Community Placement Program

Wed, 11/26/2014 - 00:00 -- princess

Eight graduating nursing students from Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Perth, West Australia accomplished their 2-week Clinical Community Placement Program (CCPP) from October 20 to 31, 2014 at Arellano University (AU) affiliate partner communities, as part of the continuing partnership of the two institutions that started in 2011.

    The students were Lisa McFarland, Amaya Mepham, Lindsay Green, Fiona Sandrock, Jessica Miller, Katherine Szeliga, Rochelle Divall and Natalie Glenister. They were accompanied and supervised by their professor, Dr. Sara Geale.

    The program aims to expose the students to the Philippine healthcare system, with focus on how nurses in the Philippines provide health education and health care delivery to healthy and ill adults and children.

    The first week of the immersion took place at Barangay Paliwasan in San Miguel, Bulacan. Under the supervision of their ECU instructor and AU International Nursing Program (INP) professors, the students observed, educated, assessed and administered independent and collaborative nursing interventions to patients and healthy individuals.  Likewise, they observed activities in the school along with the medical missions.  They checked vital signs of patients, undertook pediatric and adult clinical assessments and provided health education on hand washing, breastfeeding, family planning and nutrition.  They also successfully provided health education to healthcare workers, teachers and leaders of the community.

     On their second week, the students spent their immersion in the town of Pangil, Laguna. The students had their community activities at the Municipal Health Office (MHO) and other satellite clinics of Barangay Balian, Sulib, Azupre and Dumbo, all located in the town of Pangil, Laguna. Their activities included administration of Vitamin A and deworming to children, immunization administration (oral polio vaccine, DPT, tetanus and anti-hepatitis vaccines for children and tetanus toxoid for mothers), health education to mothers and children (with topics such as hand washing, deworming, cervical inspection with acetic acid, breast feeding, nutrition and family planning), prenatal check-ups and cervical inspection using acetic acid to female patients.

    The ECU delegation handed over donations for use by the barangay health workers at Paliwasan , San Miguel, Bulacan ,  the  Municipal Health Office and other satellite clinics in Pangil, Laguna.    

      The students and  faculty members of AU’s International Nursing Program  assisted and guided the ECU delegation throughout the immersion period. The faculty members included  Dr. Joaquin Venus III, Dr. Aubrey Go, Prof. Ruben Ramos, Dr. Anna Katherina Pena and Dr. Elaine Detera. The AU group was headed  by the  INP Director, Dr. Emerita C. Mendoza and the Community Coordinator of the College of Nursing of AU, Prof. Bernadine Navalta.

    The CCPP started in 2011 with the first batch of nursing students. Last year, the program was expanded to include ECU midwifery students. This 2014 group is the fourth batch of ECU nursing students who have benefited from the program. The AU-ECU CCPP program is expected to remain an annual undertaking of the ECU school of nursing and midwifery. - Reporting by Dr. Joaquin P. Venus III


In Pangil, Laguna. The ECU delegation, accompanied  by the INP officials and faculty members, paid courtesy call to the Honorable Mayor Jovito D. Reyes of Pangil, Laguna  ( in dark sweater). Also in photo are,  4th from left, Dr. Susan Alcantara , Medical Health Officer  and beside her, Public Health Nurse Joy Gualberto. 


With Filipino Children. The ECU Nursing Students distributing hygiene kit bags during the immunization and deworming health education activities held at Sulib Health center in Pangil, Laguna.


In San Miguel, Bulacan. The ECU nursing students with their professor,  Dr. Sara Geale, INP professors, coordinators and students with the administrators and staff of the Honorable Roderick Tiongson, Mayor of San Miguel, Bulacan.  From left standing: Professor Ruben Ramos, Dr. Joaquin P. Venus III,  AU nursing student Cyril Mae Ramos,  INP Director  Emerita C. Mendoza , Lisa Mc Farland, Natalie Glenister, Dr Sara Geale, Jessica Miller, Fiona Sandrock, Katherine Szeliga, Lindsay Green and a staff of the Mayor.  Seated, from left  :  AU Community Coordinator Nadine Navalta, INP student Ellen Dawilan,  Rochelle Divall and Amaya Mepham.


With barangay health workers. The ECU nursing students with the San Miguel Health workers and leaders  in Paliwasan San Miguel, Bulacan during one of the health education activities for school children. 


Time out! The nurses and their professor  relaxing from their hectic schedule by cheering for The Chiefs, Arellano University’s basketball team during the NCAA championship game.  


A job well done . The ECU nursing students headed by their professor, Dr. Sara Geale (second,  right), remembering  beautiful memories of their Philippine sojourn with the University officials headed by the Chairman and CEO Francisco Cayco (extreme right), VP for International Programs   Mario Sales (extreme left), INP Director  Emerita C. Mendoza (next to Dr. Sara  Geale) and INP professors during the  farewell  luncheon at Dad’s Saisaki, Glorietta, Makati City last October 31, 2014.