ECU Midwifery students undergo Clinical Comminity Placement Program in RP through Arellano University

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Nine midwifery students from Edith Cowan University (ECU) of Perth, Australia accomplished their clinical Community Placement Program (CCPP) from June 3 to June 14, 2013 at Arellano University (AU) affiliate hospitals and partner communities, as part of the continuing partnership of the two institutions that started in 2011.

The program aims to expose the students  to the Philippine healthcare system, with focus on how midwives in the Philippines provide labor, birth and post-birth care to healthy women in a range of low risk settings.

The students were  Jessica Kibblewhite, Renee Chapman-Lowicki, Caitlin Merry, Ericka Mortell, Kathryn Raats, Ashleigh Stevenson, Holly Walker, Nicole Wilkes and Emily Wolozny. They were accompanied and supervised by their clinical instructors, Helen Godwin and Carol Pinch

The first week of the immersion  took place at the  Quirino Memorial Medical Center. The students were divided into two groups with each group  supervised by one ECU instructor and one AU International Nursing (INP)   professor. Each group observed and assisted the doctors and nurses   in the delivery room, the outpatient department and the post-natal ward.  They also  observed the activities in the  neonatal intensive care unit and the pediatrics department.   

The activities they  engaged in included checking of vital signs, Leopold's maneuver,  observation of immunization and newborn screening, breastfeeding,  cesarean section and dilation and cutterage procedures. They observed and provided assistance  in the conduct  of normal and spontaneous delivery.

On their second week, the students spent their immersion in General Cailles Memorial District Hospital in the town 0f Pakil, Laguna and in the Pangil Municipal Health Unit, located in the town of Pangil, Laguna. The activities of the students  included cervical inspection, home visitations, prenatal check, reproductive health teachings, immunization (tetanus toxoid for mothers and polio vaccine, DPT, tetanus and anti-hepatitis vaccines for children), health education to pregnant women ( with topics such as breast feeding and family planning), nutrition education and feeding program. They also had clinical duties in the OB out-patient department and labor room, OB recovery room and in the neonatal intensive care unit at the General Cailles Hospital.

In Pangil, besides the INP faculty members, the ECU delegation was also accompanied by INP students in touring the town and visiting lying-in clinics, barangay health stations, the municipal hospital and some of the houses of the locales.

On their last day in Pangil, the ECU students and clinical instructors, INP faculty members and students and the Pangil  barangay health workers and midwives had a post-evaluation conference wherein, besides the assessment of the learning experience, a sharing of best practices between the two differing cultures took place.

On this occasion the  ECU delegation handed over donations that were divided between the General Cailles Memorial District  Hospital in Pakil, the Pangil  Municipal Health Office, and the Balian School of Midwifery, also located in Pangil, Laguna.

The ECU delegation was  assisted and guided by students and the following faculty members of AU's International Nursing Program  : Dr. Joaquin Venus III, Dr. Aubrey Go,  Prof. Ruben Ramos and Dr. Anna Katharina Peña. They were headed by INP Director  Emerita Mendoza. and  the  community coordinator of the School of Nursing of AU, Prof. Bernadine Navalta.

The CCPP started in 2011 and was initially designed for Nursing students. This year, the partnership for the program, between AU and ECU, expanded to include ECU midwifery students. There have been two batches of ECU nursing students who have benefitted from the program besides the midwifery students. The  AU-ECU  CCPP program is expected to remain as an annual undertaking..- Reporting by Angelo Herrera

At the Quirino Medical Center .With the officers and staff of the Nursing Department of Quirino Memorial Medical Center: Top row second from left:  Nicole Wilkes, Ashleigh Stevenson, Holly Walker, Emily Wolozny, Jessica Kibblewhite, Kathryn Raats and Erica Mortell

Middle row 6th from left:  Caitlin Merrey, Renee Chapman

Front row from left:  Dr.Emerita Mendoza Director of AU-INP, Ms. Carol Pinch ECU professor, Dr. Luz Padua, chief nurse of QMMC, Ms. Helen Godwin ECU professor, Dr. Aubrey Y. Go and Mr. Reuben Ramos INP professors

CCPP Orientation of the ECU Midwifery students at QMMC with Dr. Aubrey Go and their Clinical instructors, Ms. Carol Pinch (partly hidden 3rd from left) and Ms. Helen Godwin (front, 3rd from right)

Barangay Visit. The Australian midwifery team in one of their maternal and child care community exposures in one of the barangays in Pangil, Laguna. Standing at the back row from left:  Prof. Reuben Ramos, Ms. Carol Pinch, Holly Walker, Emily Wolozny, Ashleigh Stevenson, Erica Mortell, Jessica Kibblewhite, Nicole Wilkes, Elda Kuizon, Ms. Joy Gualberto, Dr. Joaquin Venus III and Ms. Helen Godwin

Seated 4thfrom left:  Renee, Chapman, Caitlin Merrey, Kathryn Raats, Prof. Nadine Navalta and Dr. Emerita Mendoza


Feeding Program for Children. The feeding program was held in  one of the barangay satellite health centers in Pangil, Laguna by the  ECU professors and midwifery students, AU-INP professors and students, and the officers and staff of the municipal hall of Pangil headed by Dr. Susan Alcantara.