AU INP students awarded top Honors at A-B College in the US

Mon, 03/03/2014 - 16:42 -- hohoy2000

Emmanuel S. Bueno, member of the second batch of students of the Arellano University International Nursing Program (INP) who attended his senior year at the Alderson Broaddus College in West Virginia, USA graduated Cum Laude last May 7, 2011.

   Also a consistent  class topnotcher in his INP days at Arellano University , Bueno is from Cotobato City, where he graduated Valedictorian and  Science Awardee from the Notrre Dame of Cotobato in high school.

   At the moment , he is preparing the requirements for employment in one of A-B's hospital affiliates where he spent his clinical duty.  Impressed by  his performance, the affiliate hospital , offered him a job after his graduation.

Pinning Ceremony. Em Bueno, second from right, with his classmates and teachers after the pinning ceremony, held before the graduation rites.


Enjoying the Snow in West Virginia.  At the campus of Alderson Broaddus College, Em Bueno enjoys the snow.