4th Batch of Arellano University INP Students Graduate in Alderson-Broaddus College in West Virginia , USA

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The 2013 Graduates. Orestes Estrella and Krissandra Marie Fallarme

Dr. Emerita C. Mendoza, Director of  Arellano University (AU)  International Nursing Program (INP), together with  INP faculty member Dr. Joaquin Venus III visited Alderson-Broaddus College (A-B)  in Philippi, West Virginia to attend the pinning ceremony  held at the Wilcox Chapel of A-B College  on May 10,  and the graduation of  INP studentsOrestes L. Estrella and Krissandra Marie L. Fallarme, held at  the A-B's  Memorial Coliseum  on May 11,2013.

They also participated in a series of meetings, with A-B Nursing administrators and faculty, for the implementation of the revised INP curriculum.

Estrella and Fallarme comprise the 4th batch of INP students who transferred to A-B College for their final year after spending three years of their nursing studies  at the Main Campus of AU in Legarda, Manila.  The two are the  only Filipinos who graduated from A-B College this year. They have been conferred the American degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. They are expected to take  the NCLEX this year and apply for the one-year optional practical training offered to graduates of nursing in the USA.

Prior to the graduation rites, Dr. Mendoza and Dr. Venus attended  meetings with their counterparts in A-B College to finalize the details of the revised curriculum of the INP and the corresponding implementation guidelines. The curriculum revision is part of the upgrading process that A-B College is undertaking   as it transitions into a university system. A-B College is expected to become Alderson Broaddus University this September. 

The new curriculum is designed to improve the quality of instruction in the INP and to ensure that students will be updated and well-prepared for their compliance to the requirements of  nursing registration in the US.  The new curriculum  will  be used this school year for the AU INP incoming first year students. 

Before leaving A-B, Dr. Mendoza and Dr. Venus  also met with  President Richard Creehan,  Provost and External Vice-President for Academic Affairs Joan Propst and INP Director Lesa Jordan of A-B College. The meeting was focused on how  A-B College can assist AU in promoting the INP in more communities  and to more potential students. . This comes with the intention of both institutions to  enable more students to benefit from this program considering the advantages that students gain from the INP in terms of cost-effectiveness and inter-cultural quality of education.

 Dr. Mendoza and Dr. Venus, desiring to reach out to more of our countrymen in the US,  visited Filipino communities  in  New Jersey, New York, Indiana and Missouri. Dr. Mendoza reports that they were warmly received everywhere,  and a  significant number of  Filipinos and Filipino Americans in that area of the east coast showed interest in the program.

The International Nursing Program of Arellano University is now on its seventh year and the partnership between AU and A-B college remains strong and committed to providing  international quality  nursing education for Filipino and foreign students alike.  This September, the 5th batch of AU INP students will transfer to A-B College. They are expected to be the first INP students to experience the forthcoming university system and standards of A-B College. – Reporting by  Dr. Joaquin Venus III and Angelo Herrera.


A-B College Graduates, Past and Present. Orestes Estrella (4th from left) and Krissandra Marie L. Fallarme (5th from left) with Karen Borja ( 3rdfr left)    A-B BSN Batch 2010, and Carla Javier( 2nd from right) A-B BSN Batch 2012. Others in photo: At extreme left, Ms. Lesa Jordan, A-B College INP Director; Dr Emerita C. Mendoza , AU-INP Director,   Dr. Joaquin Venus III, (in green hood) INP Faculty member, and Dr. Joan Propst, ( extreme right} A-B Provost and External VP for Academic Affairs.

The Students and their Teachers. A reunion in West Virginia. From left, , Orestes L. Estrella, Dr. Emerita C. Mendoza (INP Director), Krissandra Marie L. Fallarme and Dr. Joaquin P. Venus III (INP Faculty).

Partners . Dinner meeting with President Richard Creehan (front left),  Provost and External Vice-President for Academic Affairs Joan Propst, (2nd from right), INP Director Lesa Jordan (4th from left) of A-B College.

Work before Pleasure .Dr.  Emerita Mendoza (right), Dr. Dawn Scheick, Dean of the Department of Nursing (middle front) and Dr. Joaquin Venus III (left), taking time out to smile at camera in the midst of a meeting on curriculum revision