2nd Batch of INP Students now in Australia

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Rod Michael Corpuz displays his Australian student visa shortly before he flew to Perth, WA to join four other AU-INP students in ECU. Corpuz decided to still pursue his goal of continuing his studies in ECU a few  weeks after his mother died of liver cancer. He shares that it was his mother who made him promise that he will not allow any obstacle to stop him from achieving his dreams.

     Three students of the International Nursing Program (INP) of Arellano University joined two fellow Arellanites at the Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western, Australia.

     Justine Keith Abuel, Rod Michael Corpuz and Jose Manuel Obmerga are now pursuing their final year of nursing study at the ECU.  They are the second batch of INP students in the Australian university, after pioneers Belinda Grace Dait and Beatriz Hipolito, who are expected to graduate this December.  The five students are taking classes at the Joondalup Campus of ECU.

     The AU-ECU partnership involves an articulation agreement between the two universities wherein the latter grants 225 credit points to students who complete their first three years of nursing study at Arellano University under the INP scheme and 120 points to students enrolled under the local AU nursing program. Under the former scheme the students are awarded an Australian diploma after they have finished their final year at ECU, while in the second scheme, the students earn their Australian diploma after two years of study at ECU.

     Students transferring to ECU are being assisted by the Australian Migration Specialists, a consultancy firm and AU's official partner for student migration to Australia.

     ECU has the largest undergraduate nursing program in Western Australia and is recognized as the premium provider of nursing education in the country.  The university is also known as a forerunner in health care simulation and scenario-based learning across health disciplines.

     Having established the AU-ECU partnership in 2009, representatives from the International Division and the School of Nursing and Midwifery of ECU visit AU periodically to monitor and strengthen the partnership.  Last July, 2011, Dr. Christopher Churchouse, ECU's International Nursing Coordinator and Dr. Di. Twigg, Head of ECU's School of Nursing and Midwifery visited AU to give the three transferring students their final orientation prior to their transfer.  They also worked out the details of a new nursing project with AU involving a two-week immersion program for selected ECU students in the partner communities of AU in the provinces of Bulacan, Laguna and Pampanga (see related story in this website).

     In August this year, ECU and AU expanded their partnership scope, including articulation agreements for undergraduate programs in Business Administration, Information Technology and Hospitality and Tourism Management.

The new ECU students: Justine Keith Abuel (front, left) and Januel Obmerga (front, right)  show their eager smiles after the first day of the orientation tailored-fit by ECU's nursing management team for AU-INP students. Joining them in the picture is Dr. Christopher Churchouse (center), ECU's international nursing coordinator, Tania Beament (back row, left) ECU's nursing lecture and faculty practice coordinator and Melanie Lauva (back row, right) ECU's nursing undergraduate coordinator.

Belinda Grace Dait and Bea Hipolito strike a pose with other ECU students during their clinical duty at  St. John of God Hospital in Subiaco, WA, one of ECU's affiliate hospitals. Dait and Hipolito are the first batch of students to benefit from the partnership between Arellano University and Edith Cowan University.

From left. Dait, Hipolito, Abuel and Obmerga stand proud in front of the Health and Wellness building which houses the School of Nursing and Midwifery of ECU. Abuel and Obmerga joined Dait and Hipolito last August, becoming the second batch of INP students from Arellano to  complete their BSN course in ECU.