About the CEO

Francisco Paulino V. Cayco
Chairman and CEO, Arellano University

BESIDES being the chairman of the board of trustees of Arellano University, Francisco Paulino V. Cayco, acts as its chief executive officer (CEO) and concurrently president and chief operations officer (COO). He presides over board meetings, leads the management team, directs the general administration and takes care of overall operational performance.

The university board of trustees, which he heads as chairman, is composed of five members. The other board member-trustees are Florentino S. Cayco III (vice-chairman), Alma C. Curato, Valente V. Cayco and Pedro S. Cayco. Atty. Manuel B. Curato acts as corporate secretary.

As chairman of the board and CEO, Mr. Francisco P. Cayco is responsible for formulating policies, crafting plans and programs, charting goals and objectives and devising strategies to make sure the university objectives are met. He makes sure policies are enforced to maintain the university's tradition of educational excellence. He likewise exercises strategic leadership and sees to it that his corporate governance addresses the challenges that institutions of higher learning in the country face nowadays. His other task focuses on ways and means to ensure the school's steady pace of growth.

He also heads the management team that exercises dedicated corporate leadership and executes plans and programs. His management team is composed of the senior officers of the administration, which include six vice-presidents (academic affairs, finance, administration, marketing, international program and human resources development) and four assistant vice-presidents (AU Campus in Mandaluyong, AU Campus in Malabon, AU campus in Pasay, and AU campus in Pasig).

The academic council reports to the chairman and CEO. The council, which is regularly presided over by the vice president for academic affairs, is composed of college deans, academic department heads, and the various groups of faculty (institutes, schools and colleges) of the entire Arellano University system.

As CEO / COO, he runs the affairs of six separate campuses of Arellano University located in key cities of Metro Manila, which are largely under his direct control and supervision. These campuses are the Juan Sumulong (main campus) on Legarda Street, Sampaloc Manila; Jose Abad Santos campus on Taft Avenue and the Apolinario Mabini campus on Menlo Street, both in Pasay; Andres Bonifacio campus in Pasig; Plaridel campus in Mandaluyong; and Elisa Esguerra campus in Malabon.

By and large, the university chairman and CEO takes responsibility for strategically shaping an environment of competence that plays a vital role in the education of the Filipino youth, in the growth of the Philippine school system, as well as in the socio-economic development of the country.