Urgent Hiring!!

Post date: Monday, Sep 17, 2018
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We are currently looking for a Registered Guidance Counselor for Arellano University - Pasig. For those interested, kindly DM us or call 734-73-71 local 312 and look for Ma'am Catherine Melencion. Thank you! 


General Orientation for College Freshmen and Transferees

Post date: Tuesday, Jul 3, 2018
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We want you to be part of our team!

Post date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018
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Hi Arellanites! We want  you to be part of our team!  Applicants for the Editorial Board must be from our college/SHS students but anyone can submit his/her article/s! Note: All submitted and approved articles by our Editorial Board starting this SY 2018-2019 are entitled to cash incentives and chosen Editor-in-Chiefs can avail a 50% scholarship. JOIN NA! :)

Concert 2018

Post date: Monday, Feb 12, 2018
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5th Dean Verano Lecture Series - Comprehensive Nursing Care and Management of Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

Post date: Monday, Jan 15, 2018
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